Confidential counselling
face to face
or online by email    

Woman to Woman confidential counselling Oban, also email counselling

Jen Fitton
B.A.(Hons.) M.A. Dip.C.P.Psych.

Confidential counselling for women suffering from:

family tensions
food and weight problems
feeling tense and irritable
low self-esteem
muddle and confusion
no self confidence
not coping
psychosomatic symptoms
relationship problems
stress etc…

Thinking about having counselling or psychotherapy can be daunting when you do not know what to expect, so here is a brief introduction to what I do.

My room at North Connel is a private space for you to feel safe and comfortable; two chairs face each other in an atmosphere of calm and warmth, empathy and respect. Women come to see me with a whole variety of problems and we talk about how they feel and what is making them unhappy. Muddle is often the starting point.

Counselling room with two chairs near Oban
Private and friendly room with two chairs - Counselling Oban

If you can not come to see me but would still like help, I am also happy to work via email.

Email counselling can work really well; simply writing down your thoughts and feelings can be of great help and perhaps enable you to see where life is a bit of a muddle. The muddle is useful for me to see, so email counselling isn’t like writing an essay and I won’t be judging your spelling and grammar. I just need to know a bit about your circumstances and what is troubling you at the moment, and then we will take it from there.

In theory, I charge the same rate for reading and writing emails - £30 per hour – as I charge for face to face counselling, but I am generous with my time and would never charge more than £30 unless we had agreed to a longer session. I take great care to read and analyse what you have written and read “between the lines;” communication and linguistic analysis are my passion and email counselling can give us both time to study what may be going wrong in your life.

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