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The counselling process.

I ask questions so that I can learn about your life and your various relationships. There is no hurry. You will almost certainly feel better for talking about your problems, and a few tears means that we have touched a nerve, often signifying the beginning of the healing process.

When you feel ready, we begin to explore where your thoughts seem a bit muddled, where things seem to have gone wrong, and how we can work towards improving your life. We get used to our misery and change can often seem frightening or simply too much effort, but we take things a step at a time and at your own pace.

I have studied a range of therapies and have an unbiased approach, seeing every woman as an individual with individual needs. I have worksheets which can help you to understand how life has become so problematic, and I can help you with coping skills, communication, self-assertion and relaxation. I am essentially a very practical person and my ultimate aim is for you to become your own therapist.

Everything you tell me is completely confidential.

I have a special interest in women's issues and know how difficult it is to be true to ourselves when we also have to be daughter, mum, wife, wage earner, and all the other roles that society thinks we should be. I have been married to Geoff for fifty-five years and have a daughter, two sons, and seven grandchildren.

Privacy Policy: For your security and in order to comply with GDPR regulations, and also in line with good counselling practice, I work to the COSCA counselling code of ethics and have my own supervising counsellor, with whom I discuss my work; but I shall never reveal your identity to a third person unless I feel that you or anyone else is in serious danger. As part of the counselling process, I need to keep brief written notes from the sessions, and I am always happy to share these with you. I always hold them responsibly and never hold anything electronically on a computer or other device. I treat confidentiality very seriously and this is why, if I see you outside the counselling situation, I shall not obviously greet you; although I am happy for you to speak to me.

With all good wishes,

Jen Fitton - Woman to Woman


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