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Further information about my qualifications:

After a dismal early education I began serious study at the age of thirty six when my youngest child was eight. My first degree was in English Studies which fired my interest in language, the human condition, cause and effect and what makes us tick. Many therapists begin their careers by studying English Literature before realising that Psychotherapy is to become their passion. Studying Linguistics also inspired my love and enthusiasm for communication and is fundamental to my therapy work; so many of our problems stem from how we interact with others.

My dissertation research was a study of the women in the work of the Irish playwright, J M Synge.


My Master's degree in Communication Studies covered Psychology, Sociology and Semiotics and has been invaluable. We may be the product of personal genetics and primal instincts, but our thoughts, aspirations and decisions are made far more complex by a multitude of social and cultural pressures. My therapy draws from all aspects of our lives, and this diverse area of study helps me to connect my clients to their wider environment.

For my MA dissertation, I researched women's emotional problems from the Problem Pages of women's magazines, and this research became the basis of woman to woman.


I studied for a year in Sheffield to gain an RSA Certificate in Rogerian counselling, and I have a further certificate which I took later as a refresher course. When I lived in Sheffield, I also worked for the Samaritans at their busy city centre office.


For my three year Diploma in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy, I studied a broad range of therapies from Freud to the 21st century. Each has something to offer, but I feel that no one therapy works for every woman all the time. In addition, the vast majority of therapy theory was developed by men and it can often seem mechanical and prescriptive for women. I am very sensitive to women's issues and my therapy is Person Centred but using Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Therapies and other techniques to keep the counselling process moving forward. I treat every client as a unique individual with individual needs, and we work together to find solutions to their problems.

I have been in private practice at North Connel, near Oban, for over ten years. I continue to read widely and research all aspects of therapy, drawing constantly on any new ideas that will help us to understand ourselves. I see teaching communication and social and psychology theories as very much a part of helping women to understand their lives. Seeing a situation objectively, finding a structure within a muddle and brainstorming to solve problems are also fundamental aspects of my work.

Jen Fitton


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